2012-13 Update for Employees

August 14, 2012

Welcome Back to a great school year.  Whether today was your first day welcoming our students back to school or the new year is well underway, we are glad you are here! I hope you had a great first day.

As many of you know, we have had a lot going on this summer. We had GUDA and Geek Camp, the GVC liaisons launched their work, quite a few teachers completed my What is a World Class Education class, many members of the Sage Canyon Elementary staff engaged in professional learning with none other than Yong Zhao, several teachers developed DCSD-aligned units for the Outdoor Education Center, leaders trained on CITE 2.0, Center for Professional Development (CPD) kicked off the change agent program, and under the leadership of Paulette Joswick, key members of the DCSD support staff received new CPR and first aid training.

I am very excited to see the debut of many new World Class Units this year. I have really enjoyed watching teachers rethink the outcomes (or desired results), performance assessments, and new ways to engage students in the highest, most sustainable forms of learning – develop opportunities for students to synthesize, analyze, evaluate, and create with new ideas and skills.  We have many “pioneer” teachers and leaders in DCSD who are leading the country in developing world class units — so that our students are the best prepared in the world on what matters most.

Not only were many DCSD staff members involved in various, important growth and development opportunities, some DCSD staff members provided growth and development for our students and parents during the summer.  For example, with the support of the entire district, Sedalia Elementary School offered a wonderful summer program to many of their students; and Rocky Heights Middle School modeled student advocacy in action with their Early Flight Transition Program for new 6th grade students and their Parent Boot Camp. A few 6th grade students from RHMS shared with me how much more comfortable they felt coming to school after the Early Flight Transition Program. Easing transitions is so important in education – great job RHMS!!

And…if you don’t know already, DCSD is the first school district in Colorado to have its own app in the iTunes App store, sponsored by Health One (no cost to the district). You can download it for free right now.  It will be available for Droid users soon!  And…our goal is to have an app for every school in the district. We have raised approximately 1/3 of the money needed to fully sponsor the school apps. Congratulations to our community relations department for their hard (and continuing) work on this! Believe it or not, there are many improvements already on the way… including DUG TV (like TED TV). 🙂

Again, I hope you are having a great week! I hope to see you soon.



P.S. If you like Twitter…I’m @DCSDFagen, and I have updated my blog  – the link is http://bit.ly/R12LNK

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