Additional Compensation Finalized

August 30, 2012

Dear DCSD Employee:

First, please keep our colleagues and the family and friends of an amazing leader from Chaparral HS, Todd Vogel, who passed away tragically this past weekend in your thoughts.  Todd’s innovative leadership will leave its mark on DCSD and Chaparral HS for quite some time.  We are all here to support the staff, students, leaders, and the community of Chaparral HS as they work through this tragic loss.

Next, I would like to bring you up to speed on the latest information regarding the $2.8 M in additional compensation that the board approved in August.  As I mentioned in a previous email, this money will go toward increasing the retention stipend that will be paid in September to all eligible DCSD employees.  The September check will now include the 1% ($2.8 M) the board approved in July plus the flat amount ($2.8 M) approved in August.  We have finalized calculations and the proportionate distribution looks like it will be done as follows:

Employee Group Flat Amount/FTE
Licensed/Admin/ProTech $575
ATU 180 Day Employees $325
ATU 260 Day Employees $450
Classified 185 Days or Less $275
Classified 186-205 Day Employees $325
Classified 206-260 Days Employees $450

If you take 1% of your salary and add the amount above from your employee group (assuming you are a full time FTE), the total will be the additional, gross amount you should expect to see in September.

Finally, we are still in the audit process, but it looks like we will have enough one-time money to add approximately $75 per student to school budgets during the October true-up.  This amount is not guaranteed, but it will not be less than $50 per student.  We are committed to putting unanticipated district savings back into the classroom as soon as we can responsibly do so.  Principals, if you have needs, please contact your DOS and/or Assistant Principal soon so that we can meet student needs now — in anticipation of this additional one-time SBB money.  We would rather work proactively to get needs met and not have our students and staff waiting.

I hope you are having a good week, and please find some time for yourself over the long weekend.  Where did the summer go?