Updates for Staff

February 15, 2013

Technology to Support and Empower Teachers and Staff

Last week, in my teacher advisory, I shared the basic design of the technology infrastructure we hope to provide for all DCSD teachers next fall. I shared it with two major goals – to receive teacher input/feedback and to find a name for it. The response was very positive, and we did generate a few name ideas too. If you are interested in learning about this, please follow this link to view a video produced by our community relations department.

It is a little long, but I think it has a lot of information that will be helpful on multiple levels. Much like the World Class Education Department’s “Connecting the Dots” video, I think in addition to understanding the technology infrastructure we hope to provide, it might help you see the big picture of world class education, backward planning, balanced assessment, CITE, etc. Anyway…if you are interested and have the time, please take a look. Also, if your department or school is using or is planning to use software to accomplish any of the items covered, please do let us know so that we can take that into consideration. Please coordinate as a school/department/team and email that information to dwight.humphrey@dcsdk12.org

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World Class Teacher and Staff Leadership will build the Future our Students Need to be Successful

Tuesday night there was a board presentation about WC teacher leadership in DCSD – celebrating the hundreds of teachers and other staff working in collaboration to build the systems that, in my view, will create the future of American education. See the Board Briefing for more information.

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Yong Zhao

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Yong Zhao. Like Dr. Wagner, he is very interested in the work that is happening in our district. Yong has agreed to review and provide feedback on the GVC work that has been produced here. We are excited about this. In addition, Yong is interested in us looking at his project that helps great teachers develop world class units and more. If you are interested, here is the link: http://obaworld.net

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It’s Budget Season Again – No Cuts to DCSD and Improvements Likely Coming to Schools and Staff

Each spring we engage in this process – planning for the next year’s budget with the information from the state that is available. If you are following the state budget information you know that the Governor’s budget proposal has $175 to $225 more per student for DCSD. This is good news, but keep in mind that even if passed, it will not put us at the PPR (per pupil revenue) we had just three years ago. Still, we believe that with this budget we will be able to accomplish two important goals we have set for ourselves.

  1. We will be able to add $125 per student to Site Based Budgeting (SBB) on an on-going basis (replacing the one-time allocation added last year with an on-going allocation) and add $75 per student with one-time money (savings). This takes the total new SBB figure up $200 per student for FY 2014.
  2. We will be able to fund an on-going compensation improvement for all employees. (Please recall we already budgeted for the $2.2 M PERA increase and we will be covering that increase for all employees.) At this time, and with the Governor’s budget, we believe we will be able to provide a 2% increase in compensation (1% with one-time money and 1% on-going money = 2%). We hope that this number goes up, but we need additional and final information before we can confirm anything. These are our best estimates based on all of the information we have now, and we will keep you updated.

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Updates from Teacher and Support Staff Advisories

The teacher advisory hosted 9 feeder forums. Thanks to everyone who attended and a special thanks to the teachers who scheduled them, collected questions, and asked the questions to me and my team. Also, the teacher advisory “No Limits” celebration is well underway.

The support advisory has been working on additional professional development and communication opportunities for support staff throughout the district. Here are some of their ideas currently in progress or under consideration.

  • Audience tags on THINK to improve navigation
  • A three-year plan for support PD in development
  • Improved induction process for all new staff
  • Multiple communication strategies being studied